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    Minimise the Effect of Noise Between Rooms with Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation

    Certified by Eco-Specifier, Tontine™ acoustic insulation is made from thermally bonded polyester fibre, with a minimum of 83% recycled fibre and has been accredited with the GREEN TAG GOLD PLUS certification which assists architects, specifiers, builders and designers to earn higher overall Green Star ratings for their projects.

    Tontine™ Insulation is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial walls, ceilings and floors. It is manufactured without chemicals or adhesive resins and is easy to install without the need for special protective gear.

    Acoustic insulation that provides a high degree of thermal insulation

    • Absorbs sound and reduce noise transfer between rooms, greatly improving room-to-room privacy
    • Uses optimal blends of fine fibres for enhanced sound performance
    • Improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases
    • 100% recyclable
    • Independently tested for acoustic performance and thermal rating
    • 100% Australian made
    Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation is safe and easy to install. Products are easily torn or cut with industrial scissors or shears. Offcuts can be used to fill corners, crevices and gaps, eliminating waste. Because Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation contains no VOCs or chemicals, no special clothing, gloves or masks are required for installation.

    Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation is independently tested for sound absorption. Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation is also independently tested in commonly used wall systems. Speak to a Tontine Insulation representative for further information on what is available.

    Environmental and Health Benefits
    Using Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation products are very beneficial in a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) as they contain no formaldehyde, chemicals or harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are 100% recyclable.

    This differs from rockwool and glasswool insulation which contain phenol formaldehyde resins, preventing these products from being recycled. All Tontine™ Insulation products contain a minimum of 83% post-consumer recycled content and are certified by Eco-Specifier.

    Increases Comfort Levels
    Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation enhances user comfort by reducing unwanted noise by up to 75%. Less sound travel between rooms also ensures greater privacy.

    Product Stewardship
    Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation can be returned to manufacturer for recycling post-use. Clean off-cuts and packaging can also be recycled.

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