Tontine™ Insulation presents an environment-friendly range of thermal and sound batts designed for use in residential as well as commercial buildings.  

Made from 100% polyester with a minimum of 83% recycled content, Tontine Insulation’s thermal and sound batts are user-friendly as well as easy to install and will not irritate skin. Tontine’s batts offer a cleaner and healthier alternative to regular insulation.  

Tontine’s Australian made insulation batts provide excellent thermal insulation and acoustic insulation for residential and commercial buildings, and are certified ‘exceptionally green’ by EcoSpecifier.  

Tontine’s thermal and sound batts offer a distinct advantage over conventional insulation materials that require protective masks, gloves and goggles for installation. No protective gear is required during the installation of Tontine’s insulation batts as the chemical/binder/adhesive-free polyester products are certified by OekoTex as Class 1 – safe enough for babies to sleep on.  

Tontine thermal and sound batts also carry the Gold Plus Green Tag certification, having undergone rigorous evaluation and analysis to confirm environmentally sustainable materials and production process.  

The polyester fibre diameter is of a non-respirable size and will not cause breathing or lung irritation, making Tontine insulation batts ideal for people with asthma or allergies. Additionally, the sound and thermal batts are not affected by moisture, eliminating risk of rot over time.