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    Air barriers: Helping improve building weather tightness

    Across all sectors of the construction industry, condensation is a major cause of building damage. In spite of this, its potential for harm is frequently overlooked, often with disastrous consequences. To learn more about condensation and how improved weather tightness can protect your next project from moisture related damage, download this free whitepaper.

    A guide to specifying weatherboard

    Often regarded as the prototypical Australian residential cladding, weatherboards are a staple of heritage and contemporary projects across the country. New technologies have significantly improved their performance over time, making them suitable for a breadth of applications and installation environments. To learn more about weatherboards and best practice for their specification, download this free whitepaper.

    Architectural panels for use in high-risk bushfire prone areas

    Building in a bushfire prone area presents designers and construction professionals with a number of unique challenges. It is critical that all building materials and components used within such areas are fully code compliant, high performance, and fit for purpose. To learn how specially designed and tested architectural roof panels can meet the demands of building within a bushfire area, download this free whitepaper.

    Hot water systems for medium density housing

    The configuration and limited space of medium density dwellings provide less options for fitting hot water solutions, and failure to consider the appropriate hot water technology and installation location can risk adverse impacts on aesthetics and amenity. This selection guide examines the key considerations to be made in regards to 4 top choices of hot water systems for the medium density sector.

    A guide to designing effective solar roofs

    As the design and building industries seek sustainable solutions for all aspects of construction, the popularity of solar roofs continues to grow. To learn best practice for specifying solar roofs and how to incorporate them into your next design, download this free whitepaper.

    A specifier's guide to: Ceiling grids above indoor swimming pools

    As the popularity of indoor pools continues to rise, designers must equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to delivering healthy, successful pools and pool surrounds. To learn how ceiling grids can enhance pool environments via proper circulation and ease of maintenance, download this whitepaper.

    Meeting energy and environmental outcomes with waterproofing systems

    A critical component of any construction project, waterproofing membranes are crucial to ensuring long-term structural integrity and that energy and environmental outcomes are met. To learn more about waterproofing membranes and best practice for their specification, download this whitepaper.

    Working smarter, not harder: Improving workplace health and wellbeing through effective design

    The advent of the millennial workforce is shaping workplace trends and culture around the world. In particular, health and wellbeing are becoming increasingly critical considerations in the design and fitout of contemporary offices. To learn how carpet can enhance indoor environmental quality and meet enhanced health and wellbeing outcomes, download this free whitepaper.

    Building smarter: The use of timber & plywood in contemporary design

    As the design and construction industries continue to seek versatile materials that combine performance, quality, and environmental benefits, the popularity of timber is on the rise. To learn more about the reemergence of timber as a leading construction material, download this whitepaper.

    Specifying concrete for the modern age of construction

    Growing global populations have created a burgeoning market for infrastructure, housing and large commercial buildings. This has fuelled an increasing demand for concrete, which is relied upon around the world as a safe and strong building material. To understand the key considerations and challenges involved in providing high-quality, strong, durable concrete, download this whitepaper.

    Engineered for safety: Passive fire protection systems for cross-laminated timber

    In the wake of 2016 changes to the National Construction Code to enable timber construction up to eight storeys (25m) high for certain building products, demand for structural timber is on the rise. To learn how cross laminated timber products meet this demand and deliver outstanding fire protection, download this whitepaper.

    A better way of seeing: The benefits of human centric lighting design in aged care & healthcare facilities

    As the Australian population continues to age, pressure on healthcare and aged care facilities across the country is mounting. As such, the appropriate design of such facilities is more critical than ever. To learn how lighting can enhance patient comfort, support the work of healthcare staff, and positively impact the overall wellbeing of both groups, download this whitepaper.

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