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    Applying the Manufacturing Industry's Focus on Automation to a Window Hardware System for Residential and Commercial Application

    Australian manufacturers must leverage advanced knowledge and processes by applying the principles of factory-based automation to create innovative solutions for the building industry, such as plug and play, automated window hardware systems that offer ultimate control over airflow, temperature and ventilation. Download this whitepaper to discover how automated window hardware systems can deliver greater flexibility, simplicity and efficiency to end users.

    Engineered for success: Preventing common issues in engineered timber flooring installation

    While engineered timber floors are much less susceptible to the issues commonly found with traditional solid timber flooring, without the right preparation, skills and experience, costly issues may arise during installation. Download this whitepaper to learn how to avoid installation issues, saving your projects significant time and money and ensuring you experience all the benefits that engineered timber flooring has to offer.

    High performance at high speed: A specifier's guide to selecting high speed doors

    Specifiers frequently have choices between standard roller shutters and high-speed roll doors. Both are reliable and efficient; however, they do not necessarily fulfil the same purposes. This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at the differences between standard and high-speed roller doors and provides a detailed overview of the considerations specifiers should take into account when choosing a high-performance roller door solution for their next project.

    Building design for sustainable homes & cities: The benefits of rainwater harvesting

    As water demand grows, so does the need for sustainable water services. The first step in integrated urban water management, rainwater harvesting has emerged as a feature of sustainable building design that every architect and specifier needs to understand. Download this whitepaper to see why rainwater harvesting systems are crucial to creating liveable, productive and resilient cities.

    Quiet building: Noise and vibration isolation in vibrant cities

    As building near transit corridors and above railways become viable options to relieve pressure on existing urban infrastructure, design and construction professionals need to better understand how to minimise structural vibrations that could adversely impact quality of life. Download this whitepaper to see why noise and vibration isolation are crucial elements in new building projects.

    Raising the safety floor: A guide to slip resistance in flooring specification

    Poor specification of flooring, especially unsustainable or insufficient slip resistance, is directly associated with the occurrence of fall incidents. It is imperative for architects, designers and specifiers to understand the factors that impact slip resistance and how flooring surfaces perform in real-life conditions. Download this whitepaper and see why sustainable safety flooring must be considered for demanding commercial environments and public spaces.

    Schools of the future: Designing for student and teacher health, wellbeing and performance

    Specifying comfortable, clean and durable floors is a key component to high quality school environments and can significantly improve learning and teaching effectiveness. Download this whitepaper for an essential guide to specifying high performance flooring that meets the specific needs of students and teachers.

    New luxury: Finding a modern twist on classic brick

    Less concerned with lavish designs and expensive materials, today’s clients are looking for builds that deliver elevated aesthetics and a unique, individualised experience. Leading manufacturers have reimagined the traditional clay brick to meet the tastes and demands of contemporary construction. Download this whitepaper to see how innovations in contemporary brick design and manufacturing keep the humble clay brick at the forefront of style and performance.

    Effortless convenience: How window coverings can boost workplace productivity

    Growth in workplace stress and time pressures over the last few decades has led to increased sickness and a dramatic reduction in productivity. From a design perspective, window coverings play a part in lighting, ventilation, comfort and general health and wellness which in turn can boost productivity in the workplace. Learn how to boost workplace productivity through effective specification of window coverings by downloading this whitepaper.

    Better living: What to consider when specifying window coverings for aged care projects

    As Australia’s aging population increases, there is a growing demand to establish principles of good residential aged care to improve quality of life for residents. Learn how sound specification of window coverings for residential aged care projects can improve safety and quality of life by downloading this whitepaper.

    Simplifying thermal bridging calculation: Improving energy efficiency

    To combat building energy inefficiency, Australia and New Zealand have enacted stronger energy standards including new energy performance requirements, verification methods, design standards and environmental certification criteria relating to thermal bridging calculation. Download this whitepaper to understand the changing requirements relating to thermal bridging and how the right thermal calculator can give you an efficient pathway to compliance.

    In full swing: Maximising space in healthcare facilities for users with limited mobility

    Maximising space through careful door specification is critical for independent navigation by those with physical limitations, especially in healthcare facilities. Download this whitepaper for a concise guide to the space and functionality requirements that apply to swinging door systems in healthcare environments.

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