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    A specifier's guide: The hidden costs of cladding and façades

    In today’s competitive design and construction landscape, merely meeting the project brief is no longer enough. Professionals must adopt a broad view of costs that includes economic, environmental and aesthetic considerations in order to identify innovative cladding solutions that offer significant cost savings. Download this whitepaper for a specifier’s guide to evaluating the cost effectiveness of cladding and façade systems beyond the purchase price.

    A specifier's guide to slate roofing

    Since the 1870s, slate has been widely used as a roofing material across the globe. With unmatched durability and longevity alongside superior aesthetic appeal, sustainability and economic benefits, slate is the ideal roofing solution. When assessing the wide variety of roofing materials on the market, designers and specifiers should take note of slate’s distinct advantages. Download this whitepaper to see how roof slates can deliver unique value to your next residential project.

    The car park conundrum: Saving space in high end residential projects

    As Australians choose to live in high-density housing, designers and specifiers are looking for design solutions that can maximise space usage. Car lifts offer an advanced car park solution that makes efficient use of compact spaces while delivering functionality and performance. Download this whitepaper to see how car lift systems can solve virtually any car park problem, even for projects where space comes at a premium.

    From the ground up: The design implications of hydronic heating systems

    Against the backdrop of changing climate and the market’s desire for environmentally friendly design solutions, architects, designers and specifiers are seeking efficient indoor climate control solutions that deliver maximum comfort. Hydronic floor heating systems have emerged as effective solutions that are both sustainable and cost efficient. Download this whitepaper for a concise guide to hydronic floor heating specification and what it takes to create comfortable, sustainable interiors.

    Wheelchair access and rescue details for hollow core doors to 35kg

    Especially relevant in aged care facilities, wheelchair access doors and rescue equipment meeting AS 1428 – the Australia Standard to design for access and obility, can often be costly. The arrangement of Angle-Shoe’s door, frame and hardware for hollow core doors up to 35 kilograms are not only affordable, but also simple to install. Download this whitepaper to discover economical alternative solutions in comparison to existing systems.

    Building a safer, more efficient construction industry with BIM

    As market demand for faster completion times, reduced costs, and long-term sustainability grows, construction projects are becoming increasingly complex. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has emerged as a way to coordinate teams and optimise decision-making throughout the entire building lifecycle. Download this whitepaper and discover how BIM offers a path to a safer, more efficient construction industry.

    A channel to compliance: Meeting plumbing requirements through efficient drainage specification

    Drainage is one of the most important elements of any construction project, yet is often overlooked. To mitigate the risks that can result from non-compliance to Australian Standards, designers and specifiers are looking for high performing drainage solutions that deliver full compliance with minimum fuss. Download this whitepaper to find the most efficient path to full compliance with plumbing regulation through efficient drainage specification.

    Reliable water tanks and wastewater management for a sustainable future

    With a strong understanding that rainwater harvesting is key to sustainable living, along with decades of knowledge and experience in wastewater management, Kingspan has become a leader in reliable, high-quality water tanks and accessories. To find out more about how you can harvest rainwater for a more efficient and sustainable future, download this free ebook.

    Tarkett champions a cleaner, greener, more transparent construction industry

    Sustainability has well and truly embedded itself into all aspects of today’s architecture and construction industry. Around the world, practitioners are seeking materials and systems that ‘close the loop’ on environmentally friendly design and actively work to protect the environment. To learn how Tarkett is going above and beyond in their efforts to deliver this and encourage greater transparency within the industry, download this free e-book.

    WoodSolutions broadens industry understanding of sustainability

    As sustainability concerns become increasingly central to Australian design and construction, practitioners are seeking ways to incorporate environmental considerations into all aspects of construction. To learn how Forest and Wood Products Australia’s WoodSolutions brand encourages this holistic approach and provides ongoing educational resources for industry professionals, download this free e-book.

    Design for small spaces: Maximising living space with careful door design

    Australians are turning to medium to high-density apartments and homes where the amount of available living space is shrinking. Designers and specifiers face the challenge of delivering maximum functionality in homes where space comes at a premium including specifying door systems that have minimal impact on available living space when operated. Download this whitepaper and learn how careful specification of door systems can deliver maximum functionality and comfort for small-space living.

    Achieving cost efficiency through careful, considered specification

    In the face of ongoing growth within the Australian construction industry, demand for durable, flexible, and cost effective construction materials and systems is on the rise. To learn how careful specification of materials and finishes can meet these demands and deliver cost effectiveness at all stages of a project's lifespan, download this infographic.

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