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    Sustainability eBook 2023: Autex Acoustics

    In 2023, Autex Acoustics proudly sponsored the Best of the Best category, recognizing outstanding sustainable outcomes, aesthetics, and innovative design. Access this eBook to explore the category's shortlist, delve into Autex Acoustics' sustainability strategy, discover Murdoch University's Boola Katitjin project, and engage in a Q&A with Autex Acoustics' Group Technical & Sustainability Manager, Aidan Hill.

    Fostering a sustainable supply chain with Billi and Polyfoam Australia

    When Billi first engaged Polyfoam Australia to begin manufacturing insulation for the cold tank in the company’s first iteration of the Commercial Flagship Quadra models, nobody could predict just how the partnership would thrive over the coming years. Today, almost two decades on Polyfoam Australia continues to manufacture Expanded Polystyrene and Expanded Polypropylene moulded insulation parts for Billi’s entire range.

    Ventilated facade systems & rigid air barriers: An effective strategy for weather protection & energy efficiency

    Ventilated facades are rapidly gaining traction within the construction industry by offering improvements in energy efficiency, greater comfort for tenants, and an extra layer of protection for the building structure. To maximise the potential of ventilated facades, it is important for architects, designers and specifiers to understand how its different components work, particularly the role of vapour-permeable weather barriers.

    Separating engineered flooring fact from fiction: Is a thicker wear layer necessarily better?

    While the veneer of engineered timber flooring is one of its key features, there is a common misconception that a thicker wear layer is superior to a thinner one. The reality is that while a thicker wear layer may offer slightly better protection against scratches and dents, it is only one factor among several that will ultimately determine the longevity of the floor.

    Reducing noise in buildings: Design considerations for wall & ceiling systems

    How we perceive sound in an indoor setting has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. Among the most important design elements that contribute to good acoustics are walls and ceilings, whether they are blocking unwanted noise from entering a room or reducing the effects of excess reverberation within the room.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: Electrolux

    In 2023, Electrolux was the proud sponsor of the Multi-Residential Dwelling category: The design of a new townhouse, duplex or residential complex that contains multiple residential dwellings. Projects nominated under this category are classifiable as Class 2 or Class 3 buildings.

    Vertical cable safety barriers: Principles for good design

    Tensioned vertical cable barriers are designed to help create a safe, dynamic and connected environment within multi-level buildings. To create long-lasting solutions, the design of tensile cable structures needs to adequately consider factors that are integral to cable life and integrity, such as cable performance and the role of end connections.

    Automatic door design guide: Addressing safety hazards and compliance

    Automatic sliding and swinging doors are ubiquitous in modern buildings, from hospitals and aged care facilities to residential and commercial buildings. If automatic doors are not designed or built correctly, people using them to enter and exit buildings run the risk of being hit, trapped, or seriously injured.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: Verosol

    In 2023, Verosol was the proud sponsor of the Commercial Architecture (Small) category: A Class 5, 6, 7 or 8 building used for professional and/or commercial purposes of under or equal to 500sqm in floor size. The design will adhere to or expand upon best practice sustainability outcomes while ensuring that an optimum work environment has been achieved.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: ForestOne

    Building design plays a pivotal role in shaping the sustainability of our urban environments. It is a powerful tool that can either exacerbate or mitigate environmental impacts. Firstly, orientation and layout significantly impact a building’s energy consumption. Properly aligning structures with the sun’s path allows for natural lighting and heating, reducing the need for artificial lighting and climate control systems.

    Addressing Australia's construction productivity crisis: Accelerating construction and energy efficiency through product innovation

    Research has shown that Australian construction productivity has not just stalled in comparison to most other industries, but deteriorated to a level worse than it was in 1990. This productivity decline has not only diminished the industry’s ability to deliver value in construction projects.

    Acoustic design with aesthetic aspirations

    Despite the risks being well known, interior design frequently overlooks the threat of uncontrolled noise. The reason for this is the perception that acoustic products frequently clash with the aesthetics of the building. A new generation of acoustic treatments is providing designers with a broader range of design options to address the imbalance between acoustic performance, appearance, and visual comfort.

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