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    More than surface level improvement: New design possibilities with powder coated plywood

    With the Australian construction industry set to continue on its trend of strong growth, product development has kicked into high gear. The application of powder coating technology on timber, instead of traditional steel, has opened new doors for designers, specifiers and builders alike. This white paper explores the importance of finishing timber products and identifies why powder coating is an exciting new option.

    New layers of veneer: New technology in timber veneer improves the industry

    As the Australian construction industry continues to grow, timber veneer is emerging as the first choice for its aesthetic, biophilic and sustainable characteristics. Diversity within the veneer market means selecting the right product is not only important but also complex. Download this free white paper to learn the benefits of timber veneer and how making the right choice will have a meaningful impact on the holistic success of the building.

    Taking roof & attic access to the next level of safety

    As the quest to unlock more space in buildings continues, the popularity of attics and accessible roof spaces is increasing across Australia. Against this backdrop, the methods of accessing such spaces must be carefully considered to ensure maximum usability and minimum safety risks. To learn about the risks of inappropriate access and best practice for specifying a safe and effective system for your next project, download this free whitepaper.

    Better, faster, stronger: Understanding the demands of contemporary construction culture

    As the Australian construction industry boom continues, stakeholders within the sector require up-to-date information on the nature of contemporary building culture. The market’s fast pace means that builders, developers, specifiers, and designers alike must have the knowledge necessary to produce high-performing buildings with speed, efficiency, and compatibility. Download this free whitepaper to learn practical strategies for adapting to the better, faster, stronger construction climate.

    Make it rain: Adding luxury to hospitality spaces with high quality shower products

    Great hospitality is built upon creating experiences that people want to repeat. With reports showing that bathroom fixtures are increasingly important in attracting and retaining customers, designers and specifiers must understand the key characteristics of a world-class shower experience. Download the free whitepaper, Make it Rain: Adding Luxury to Hospitality Spaces with High Quality Shower Products, to find out more.

    Beneath the surface: Specifying interior linings to meet the requirements of modern buildings

    In today’s competitive landscape, designers and specifiers are looking for innovative solutions that deliver speed and cost efficiency while meeting the strict performance requirements set out by Australian regulation. As a result, the industry is looking at alternative design-based solutions like medium density fibreboard (MDF) to close the gap. Download this whitepaper for a critical look at traditional interior linings and how they compare to MDF in terms of speed, costs and performance.

    Reducing costs through effective specification of materials and finishes

    Design, construction and maintenance professionals are facing new demand for high quality products; systems that require minimal maintenance which allow for the completion of projects within shorter timelines and tighter budgets. As such, the need for efficient specification is greater than ever. To learn how powder coated finishes meet all of these requirements and contribute to high quality, economical commercial spaces, download this free whitepaper.

    Fire performance guide to timber cladding

    Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for commercial and domestic projects across Australia. In spite of this, its strong fire-resistant qualities are not widely known. To learn more about the fire resistance properties of timber and how these make it the prefect fit for today’s fire conscious Australian construction industry, download this free whitepaper.

    The politics of space: Tactile Ground Surface Indicators and the benefits of hardwearing solutions

    Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are one way in which designers can hep provide physical autonomy to the growing number of blind or vision-impaired Australians. However, like many areas of A+D, the product offerings in this area do not always live up to expectations, reducing safety and the efficacy of TGSIs as a mobility aid. Download the free whitepaper, The Politics of Space: Tactile Ground Surface Indicators and the Benefits of Hardwearing Solutions, to find out more.

    Building healthier, natural interior spaces with timber

    Globally, the ability to affect health and wellbeing through the built environment is becoming increasingly important for both designers and consumers. The combined desire to achieve elevated outcomes without compromising on design is encouraging more and more people to turn to the natural biophilic benefits of timber. Download this white paper to learn about the health benefits of using natural materials and the particular advantage of timber.

    Design, meet durability: Introducing a new generation of rigid vinyl planks

    Wood plastic composite (WPC) vinyl planks are quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options in building projects worldwide. The design and construction industry is developing the next generation of rigid vinyl plank solutions to address critical performance issues, which use a stone plastic composite (SPC) to deliver performance where WPC falls short. Download this whitepaper for a closer look at how SPC rigid vinyl planks stack up against WPC as a complete flooring solution.

    Effective car park design for tomorrow's dense cities

    With rising urban populations and increasing rates of car ownership, the demand for multi-residential developments in our already crowded cities through multi-storey car parks are becoming a valued feature of the urban environment. In light of this growing demand, today’s designers must equip themselves with the knowledge to enable safe and effective car park design. Download Effective Car Park Design For Tomorrow’s Dense Cities to find out more.

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