Talking Architecture & Design Podcast (Episode 213) - Trivess Moore on how green is low carbon Aluminium and how can it help us reach our carbon targets? Listen Now
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    Case study: A forever home among the fig trees

    Amid Brisbane’s West End, a stunning tri-level home harmonises with nature, embracing the essence of contemporary sustainable design. Overlooking Orleigh Park and the Brisbane River, it provides vibrant social spaces and serene private retreats. With biophilic design elements and smart tech window furnishings, the home ensures comfort, beauty, and functionality.

    Tiny home trends: Designing small kitchens that make a big impact

    When designing tiny homes, architects and designers must maximise the available space without compromising on functionality. In this compact world, the kitchen continues to be the focal point of the home, blending charm and utility in a small package.

    Thermal performance of windows: Understanding window U-values and how to improve them

    Poorly insulated windows lead to higher heating costs. How is the insulating performance of your window assembly calculated? What types of windows are better suited to minimise unwanted heat loss and heat gain? A good place to start is the window's U-value.

    Low carbon & lead free: Benefits of 316L stainless steel for tapware

    Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials in bathroom tapware design. What some people may not understand is that not all stainless steels are the same. Even though different grades of stainless steel have some qualities in common, it is important to know the various types to identify the traits that best suit your needs.

    Door Hardware Decoded: Coordinating Function, Style and Finishes with Interior Design

    The style and personality of a building are visually conveyed through architectural door hardware. Even elements as simple as door handles can serve purposes beyond merely opening and shutting doors; they can also be a focal point of interior design.

    Case study: Salesforce Tower, Sydney

    Salesforce Tower, Sydney, the tallest commercial building in Sydney, embodies innovation and sustainability. This 55-storey landmark, Salesforce's Australian headquarters, features over 18,000m² of Interface flooring, meeting LEED Platinum certification requirements. The project overcame significant challenges, setting new benchmarks for workplace design and environmental responsibility in Australia.

    Designing outdoor handrails for accessibility & safety

    Creating a safe and accessible outdoor environment requires selecting the right disability handrails. Moddex’s Assistrail system is a DDA-compliant handrail solution specifically designed to excel in outdoor settings. Download the whitepaper to find out how Moddex's Assistrail system offers a DDA-compliant solution for outdoor environments

    Case study: Automall Osborne Park, Perth, WA

    With its bold street presence and double volume showroom spaces, the Osbourne Park multi-brand car dealership embodies the evolving landscape of automotive retail. Engaged by Eagers Automotive to develop their initial site concept plan, Roxby Architects’ development of this ambitious project transforms a retired Holden dealership into a state-of-the-art complex, showcasing eight distinct high-end automotive brands.

    Art of concealment: How cistern integration is transforming bathroom design

    Concealed cisterns play a pivotal role in this transformation of bathrooms into peaceful spaces for relaxation by contributing to a calm and clutter-free environment. As designers and plumbers become more educated about their benefits, it is expected that concealed cisterns will become a standard feature in Australian bathrooms.

    Understanding upfront carbon in green star: A guide for architects, designers and specifiers

    Too often, decisions regarding building products and materials are solely based on the carbon that the building emits throughout its lifetime. But what about the footprint of the materials that are locked in before the building opens its doors?

    Case Study: Woodlands House, Southern Highlands, NSW

    Discover the sublime Woodlands House, a masterpiece by AO Design Studio in the serene Nattai National Park. This modern, light-filled retreat is a sustainable transformation of a 1970s homestead, featuring AWS's high-performance windows and doors. Experience the perfect fusion of past and present, where passive solar design and AWS products ensure comfort and sustainability.

    Lightening the load: How lightweight materials can change the construction industry

    Construction costs are rising across the country. Despite this, the industry is under increasing pressure to deliver structures that are not only compliant with increasingly stringent building standards but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The pressure to balance these factors has led to a growing interest in lightweight materials and construction methods.

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