Tontine™ Insulation  supplied premium polyester insulation for installation at the iconic world class sports and entertainment complex, the Melbourne Icehouse.

Located at the Docklands, this exciting new development contains two Olympic-sized (60m x 30m) ice rinks, state-of-the-art sound system and stadium seating for up to 1000 people.

Requiring a quality insulation product that would meet the high-demand needs of the venue, the client specified thermal insulation as well as acoustic insulation. The client also preferred to use polyester insulation rather than fibreglass.

Executed by contractor Kakosi for the builders, Hansen and Yuncken, the insulation project used Nova 75mm, Acoustisorb 2 50mm and R1.5 thermal/ sound batts. Tontine Insulation was able to meet the client’s needs for quality product, flexibility, ease of transport and customer service.

Tontine Nova has been developed to enhance the thermal rating and acoustic performance of lightweight walls and ceilings used in modern apartments and commercial developments.

Tontine Acoustisorb is ideal for use in areas where the control of noise is critical such as recording studios, cinemas and sports venues. Other uses include storage tanks, process equipment, appliance cabinets, plant rooms and acoustic baffles.

Tontine thermal and sound batts are designed to provide safe and efficient thermal and acoustic insulation for the Australian homeowner. Specifically designed for use in both internal and external walls, the sound and thermal batts can improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse emissions and lower sound transmission.

Key features of Tontine Nova:

  • Flexible insulation blanket manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre
  • Provides both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Designed for use with commercial cavity wall construction using steel studs and/or steel furring channels
  • Grey in colour
Key features of Acoustisorb 2:
  • Medium weight flexible insulation manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre
  • High percentage of recycled fibres
  • Provides both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 4859.1
  • Grey in colour
Key features of Tontine thermal and sound batts: 
  • Manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre with 80% minimum recycled fibres
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4859.1
  • Provides both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Non-toxic and user-friendly; requires no specific protective clothing to install
  • Will not corrode or deteriorate over time
  • White in colour