Tontine™ Insulation  supplied R.2 and R.3 thermal batts to the Hill End Ecohouse, an environment-friendly home in Brisbane conceived as a unique concept in sustainable green living and design.

The Hill End Ecohouse was developed as a 6 star energy rating house in inner suburbia in order to demonstrate that it was possible to live and build ‘green’ in the heart of the city. All materials, products and processes used to build the house needed to meet a stringent set of criteria for environmental, social and economic responsibility.

The multi-award winning home is recognised worldwide for its sustainable features, green building practices and quality materials.

Tontine Insulation supplied R3.0 recycled polyester bulk insulation for the roof and R2.0 thermal batts for the walls as well as in the cavity beneath the elevated timber floors.

Tontine insulation was chosen because it is 100% safe for installers and residents, free from harmful chemicals and has very high (minimum 83%) recycled content. Tontine Insulation’s products also support the strict green design philosophy of the Hill End Ecohouse.

The insulation was installed by Robert Peagram Builders for the client, Riddel Architecture.

Tontine Insulation is endorsed by Ecospecifier and Oeko-Tex.