Tontine Fibres  offers sound batts tested by Work Cover NSW for respirable fibres. Fresh air can be breathed when sound batts are installed. There is no requirement for any respirable fibres. In these Sound batts provided by Tontine Fibres, no respirable fibres were identified. It was indicated that no protective or encapsulated equipment is required for handling and installation.

The sound batts can be installed even without wearing gloves, goggles and mask. Tontine Fibres provides effective sound batts, where there is no special safety zone is required in the work area. It can be used with a normal installation conditions.

Tontine sound batts are low irritant and do not have any incompatibilities with other products. It does not require storage or handling processes. The sound batts have been tested by comprehensive and exhaustive tests to ensure that the Acoustic Ratings, Fire Ratings and O.H. &S. properties comply with Industry standards.

Tontine sound batts were tested by Challis and Associates such as TSB 2, TSB 3, TSB 4 and TSB 5 in a steel stud wall with 13 millimetre plasterboard either side of 64 millimetre studs at 600 millimetre centres. The sound batts were subjected to the scrutiny of some of Australia's most demanding independent testing authorities.