Black Batts offered by Tontine Fibres are highly designed for ceiling overlay application that does not require any aesthetics. Tontine Fibres provides black batts manufactured from polyesters that does not absorb any moisture. The black batts from Tontine Fibres are safe, clean and hygiene. It does not cause any sick building syndrome.

These black batts provided by Tontine Fibres offer high quality of acoustic and thermal performance. The physical properties of black batts include the following; it has a melting point of 250 degree Celsius. It does not require vapour pressure and flash points. The maximum service temperature is about 150 degree Celsius.

The moisture absorption nature depends on the exposure to atmosphere of 50 Celsius and 95 per cent of RH for at least four days to give moisture absorption of less than 0.2 per cent by total volume. All testing was conducted in a laboratory situation. On site results may vary due to site conditions and quality of installation. At Tontine Fibres advanced technology is being used to manufacture a user friendly insulation material for the Australian Building Industry.

Tontine Fibres was established in 1870 and it is the leading national manufacturer, distributor of a wide range of products to Australian Industry. As these products are constantly being researched and developed, Tontine Fibres has reserved the right to update these specifications without notice.