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    Renson screen for curtain walls

    The sleek design of Renson’s façade blinds fits seamlessly with the curtain wall. The solar screen also absorbs the thermal expansion between the windows and thus supports a sustainable result.

    Curtain walls are becoming increasingly common in contemporary architecture. The curtain wall has found its way into not only commercial buildings, but residential buildings as well. Such large glass areas increase the importance of considering indoor comfort. Sufficient daylight inside is a plus, but outdoor solar shading can also help keep the indoor temperature under control.

    • High-quaity solar shading: High quality and finish are paramount for every devenlopment and in the modern production environment.
    • Customised solution: The Fixscreen Curtain Wall 50 has been custom developed with joinery specialist Reynaers Aluminium.
    • Minimalist design: The sleek design retains the architectural value of your curtain wall for an optimal aesthetic whole.
    • Flexible in use: Keep out the heat in the summer or bring it in as much as possible in the winter: the flexibility of outdoor blinds means you can do both.

    Why solar shading for a curtain wall?

    We all want to live and work in a brightly lit space. This is why more and more buildings have large windows. Without solar shading, the risk of overheating is very possible. Outdoor blinds for your glass façade can help prevent the indoor temperature rising to high, while the sleek, modern look of the glass facade is preserved.

    What are the advantages of glass facade outdoor blinds?

    A facade made mainly of glass may seem like it is asking for overheating problems. Blinds on the curtain wall block the sun before it can heat up the glass, thus preventing the heat from entering. In addition, Renson outdoor blinds allow you to enjoy a number of other useful advantages:

    • Simple control via a switch with the Renson Connect app or opt for fully automatic control with a sun sensor.
    • You not only have control over the incoming sunrays, but also over the view. Create privacy while your view to the outside remains optimal.
    • In the summer keep the heat out with the outdoor blinds down, while in the winter let the building heat up with the outdoor blinds up.


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