The owners of a home in Belgium chose Renson products to achieve the perfect balance between sleekness and authenticity during renovation.

Looking to convert their old parental home into an office for their construction company, the Feys brothers decided to completely renovate the building and also add an extension for additional space. Since they wanted to retain the original, traditional farm-style house as well as add the modern extension, they decided to renovate using a combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

The renovation involved stripping the home completely from the inside and opening it up to attach a brand-new extension to it. While the new extension is sleek and modern, the original form of the home has been retained. A fresh coat of paint applied to the original facing brick helps the home match the new addition wonderfully.

The brothers chose a black and white colour palette for the modern extension. The white plasterwork combines beautifully not only with the black joinery but also with the new Renson Linarte vertical façade cladding. The large windows, complete with the eye-catching glass-on-glass corner window create a sense of openness and an abundance of light in the offices.

To keep the temperature inside comfortable on hot days, the windows have been provided with windproof external solar shading screens, which add to the overall sleek look of the new section. The fabric boxes and side channels for the screens are hidden behind the plasterwork.

Even with the screens down, the extension provides an unobstructed view of the outside through the glass-on-glass corner window. Renson Panovista Max sunscreens zip together at the corner when left down, meaning there are no channels or cables visible in the corner.