Due to rising outdoor temperatures and the recent trend of building airtight homes, Australians are facing a growing problem with overheating. With current standards requiring new homes to be more energy efficient than ever, designers must incorporate better solutions to minimise overheating risks, without resorting to energy-intensive air-conditioning systems. One such solution is solar shading, in particular outdoor blinds, which can significantly reduce unwanted solar heat gain through window openings, while also improving the quality of lighting in interior living spaces, if designed and specified correctly.

Building cooler homes: Counteracting overheating using solar shading solutions discusses overheating risks in Australian residential buildings and identifies potential design solutions. In particular, we consider how solar shading, such as outdoor blinds, can be especially effective at preventing sunlight from entering the window, which is the best way to control overheating. We also examine the factors that contribute to overheating, and the advantages of specifying outdoor blinds over other shading devices for your next project.

Renson has been developing products and systems to offer their customers a better and healthier life for many years. The company helps create an ideal indoor climate at home and a comfortable experience outdoors. This ambitious mission is underpinned by four solid pillars. Renson combines ventilation, solar shading, aluminium wall cladding and outdoor solutions (pergolas and carports) into a personal total package.

Download this whitepaper and learn about overheating risks in Australian residential buildings and how solar shading solutions can help your next project achieve elevated sustainability and energy efficiency outcomes.


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