There are several factors that impact living comfort inside a home – the design and orientation of the building, materials used in construction as well as climatic conditions have a major bearing on the indoor environment. Therefore, it is essential during the research phase to evaluate different systems and integrate the elements most suitable for design. In doing so, residents will be able to achieve optimal and sustainable living comfort.

All Renson solutions are focussed on creating a healthy indoor climate in buildings. Keeping in mind that natural light and comfortable temperatures are fundamental elements for the wellbeing of occupants, Renson offers solutions that are designed for discreet integration into the facade; deliver a better indoor climate for comfort; and use flexible fabrics with high wind resistance for long-lasting durability.

Renson solutions such as screens and nightcooling provide temperature control, save energy and stop overheating in homes, ensuring the interior is kept cool and comfortable during the day and throughout the night. Both solutions are designed for simple integration into the building envelope.


Renson’s screens are applied outside the glazing, working as outdoor sun protection for your windows or curtain walls by blocking heat from entering the home. Available in a broad range of fabrics, these screens prevent overheating inside the home without blocking the view.



Renson’s nightcooling louvre systems ensure intensive night ventilation through ventilation grilles, and work by extracting heat to cool the house.