The Camargue Skye, the most exclusive patio cover in the Renson range, takes comfortable outdoor living to new levels of excellence. Renson now raises the bar on outdoor living comfort by introducing the patio cover as a built-in module, allowing it to be perfectly integrated into any construction as an ‘Aero Skye’ with tilting and retractable blades.

More than a patio cover, the Aero Skye blends seamlessly into the architecture and opens up a wide range of possibilities for those who want their patio space to function as an additional outdoor room suitable for the whole year. In terms of look and feel, the Aero Skye produces a unique image, where inside and outside merge perfectly.

Integrated or added

Remove the columns from the Camargue Skye and you are left with a sleek roof structure that can be built into or added to any construction from steel profiles over concrete beams to a wooden framework. This allows the retractable bladed roof to fit perfectly into the design of the building. You can choose whether the framework per side should be integrated or added to the existing structure. This is especially important when choosing the water drainage. Guttering can lead the water away from the corner point or sideways over the roof. Another option is to lead the water down invisible guttering, which has fasteners, wiring and anchors that are also concealed.

When integrated into a custom opening in a roof structure, the frame rests on an L-profile without back cover (supplied as part of the package), which is affixed to the wall. For building on the top of a roof construction, no specific mounting materials are supplied because everything depends on the type of construction and the material to which the bladed roof is attached.

Roof blades – tiltable and retractable

The tilting blades ensure the most pleasant patio living climate, all year round. The aluminium blades can be closed when it rains, opened to achieve the right amount of sun or shade, and retracted completely to the side. This makes the Aero Skye the ideal patio roof to not only sit under and be sheltered from the sun and rain, but also to enjoy as much sunlight as possible during the winter, as well as to get a front row seat to enjoy the starry sky from your patio in summer. The roof structure can even be installed in such a way that the blade pack – when fully opened – retracts into or above the structure. The result is a 100% view of the open sky.

Endless customisation for a personalised system

The Aero Skye is available in customised sizes with a span width up to a maximum of 4500mm and a pivot width up to a maximum of 6200mm. The roof blades can be rotated and retracted via the accompanying smartphone app. In terms of colour range, the possibilities are endless, and the structure is supplied in a gloss or matt lacquer finish. Optionally, the roof blades can also be finished in a timber look (in natural oak, walnut or white oak). It is also possible to personalise this built-in bladed roof with up/down LEDs, a ‘heat & sound beam’ and a rain sensor, which automatically opens or closes the roof blades as the weather dictates.

Patented S-drive technology

The patented rotation and retractable technology specially developed for this patio cover by Renson ensures the blades rotate and retract in and out, flawlessly, reliably, and durably. Synchronised drives on both ends of the blades also ensure the roof will open and close in one smooth movement, even when loads are asymmetrical.

To guarantee a technically and aesthetically correct installation of the Aero Skye, installers will go through (mandatory) training at Renson for the correct installation method and the connection of the electronics.

Testimonial: A garden room, added value for your home

The owners of this Aero Skye spend a lot of time outside. Before they got to know Renson, they had been looking for ways to enjoy their beautiful garden more and better for a long time. While travelling in Spain, they stayed in a holiday home that also had a patio with a bladed roof. Because they loved the concept so much, they started looking for a similar solution for their home. However, it was not an easy search because one of their most important conditions was that the blades had to be completely hidden in the roof construction when the roof was retracted. This would eliminate any disturbing visual elements and the patio cover would blend seamlessly into their home.

The owners are very satisfied with the end result. “We highly recommend the Aero Skye. We will now be able to be outside more often in the near future,” they said.

Thanks to the flexibility of the retractable bladed roof, they can enjoy wonderfully fresh outdoor air every day. During the summer, they have breakfast under a beautiful blue sky while they warm up in the wonderful morning sun. However, if it starts to get too hot, they don’t have to overheat; they simply close the blades. You can also often find them outside on colder or rainy days. The heating system and the ability to close the blades mean they can live outside, all day long.

“We realised the complete extension above this patio,” says Renson Ambassador P&G Metaalwerken, which already had experience installing a bladed roof in an existing structure. It was the first time they had installed the roof in such a way that the blades retracted completely into the structure when retracted.

“Normally, when the blades are retracted, you are left with a ‘pack’ of blades visible in the roof structure. But here, the customer’s express wish was to see the pack retract into the roof when opened. And it worked out fine.”

The main challenges in incorporating a bladed roof like this turned out to be not only the water drainage, but also the fact that the frame had to be integrated completely and invisibly into the finish. Ultimately, this worked out very well and everybody can look back on this successful project with great satisfaction.