Comfort is a major objective in home design and indoor temperatures are an important element of the solution. One way to achieve an acceptable indoor temperature is by avoiding overheating within the home.

Renson offers an intelligent solution that combines dynamic external solar shading with intensive ventilation through large window louvres. This solution helps maintain indoor comfort even on the hottest days – naturally – without relying on energy-intensive air conditioning systems.

However, it’s important to integrate Renson’s solutions right from the initial design of the home.

Intensive night cooling using burglar-resistant window louvres

With the number of hot days increasing every year, people are constantly searching for alternatives that can keep down indoor temperatures. It’s a battle every summer to maintain indoor temperatures in energy-efficient housing during hot spells. Expensive air conditioning is not the only solution – you can actually have a cool indoor environment for free with Renson’s solar shading and ventilation solutions.

Renson’s Fixscreen dynamic and wind tight external solar shading that controls incoming sunlight is one efficient solution. However, keeping the indoors cool effectively requires something more, such as night cooling or intensive ventilation using large window louvres. Being burglar, water and insect proof, the louvres allow the windows to be left open all night during hot spells.

Window louvres allow large amounts of cooler air inside to help cool off the interior. When this provides five air changes per hour, the indoor temperature can be reduced by at least five degrees in summer, naturally and for free. The glazed-in louvres for intensive night cooling are fitted with an insect screen and are burglar-resistant.

It is important that each louvre is recessed or mounted in such a way that it is resistant to break-ins, especially in places that are accessible or where a door handle or lock is located nearby. Depending on the type and the required class, Renson’s built-in louvres are equipped with stainless steel mounting bolts (RC2) or steel rods to secure them in the wall (RC4); the mounted louvres are installed with anti-burglary screws. All visible parts of Renson’s anti-burglary louvres are made of 100% aluminium and provide a sleek, aesthetic finish and optimal sustainability with a no-rust assurance.