Renson introduces the new Fixscreen Minimal, an outdoor fabric sun protection solution that can now be perfectly combined with even the most minimalist of window designs. This makes the windproof Fixscreen the most effective, durable and high-quality investment to keep home interiors cool even on the hottest of days.

If you’re looking to integrate or retrofit Fixscreen on high-end minimalist windows, curtain walls or sliding doors, Renson now offers the perfect balance between durability, comfort and design.

Fixscreen Minimal

The freestanding coupling side guiding channel now makes sun protection compatible with sliding insect screens and sliding windows with a sliding door on the exterior side

Given the design and detailed finishing on Renson’s Fixscreen Minimal, barely any trace remains of the sun protection fabric solutions built into the façade. As there are no visible screws and all parts are lacquered in the same colour, Fixscreen Minimal can be perfectly integrated, even when combined with the slimmest of window profiles. This makes it the perfect solution if you are seeking comfort without daylight being blocked by head boxes and side guiding channels protruding in front of your super-slim window profiles.

This new type of fabric sun protection is windproof in gales of up to 130km/h, thanks to the zip technology the screen uses to run up and down its side guiding channels. With its minimalist design, it can barely be spotted when it is integrated into the façade along with the window. Fixscreen Minimal features a compact head box, a smaller bottom bar that invisibly incorporates the welded seam of the fabric, narrower side guiding channels, and a perfect connection with the sloping windowsill.

In addition to a five-year product warranty, Fixscreen Minimal comes with the same seven-year warranty on Fixscreen technology as usual. On top of that, it now also comes with a seven-year warranty on the Detecto Renson ‘safety first’ motor.

Up to 12m wide and suitable for sliding doors

The entire Fixscreen Minimal system (head box and side guiding channels) can now be brought forward by 40mm when using the ‘Base box M.W+’ as an optional element to hook the head box. This means sun protection can now be combined with windows or doors with a handle on the exterior side, and that there is a solution for minimalist windows with their typical reinforcement profiles.

Additionally, the freestanding coupling side guiding channel also leaves sufficient room for sliding insect screens and sliding windows with a sliding door on the exterior side – all over a width of up to 12m, without compromising on detail while allowing simple installation.

Base box M.W+

The ‘Base box M.W+’ is an optional item to bring both the fabric box and side guiding channels forward by 40mm

Ease of installation first

The Fixscreen Minimal is designed for easy installation.

The profile on the rear of the head box is designed so that it can be used for multiple applications, such as quick and easy hanging onto a pre-installed hook profile, for example. When used in freestanding situations, the rear of the head box is neatly finished with a fill profile. The ‘Base box M.W+’ can be used in combination with the ‘M.W+’ side guiding channel when the head box needs to be brought out 40mm in front of the window.

To make installing the Fixscreen Minimal even easier, a separate mounting pin is used for the connection between the head box and the side guiding channels.

Also, the bottom bar can now be clicked free from the fabric with ease. This makes all the difference in terms of weight when installing large screens and also makes disassembly of the screens much easier.

A new detachable click profile on the fabric tube minimises not only horizontal line formation in the fabric, but also ensures that you can easily and quickly click the fabric out of the fabric tube.

Finally, the existing Connect&Go technology has been updated for even more robust and user-friendly outcomes. Thanks to the integration of Click&Safe technology, the fabric set now clicks into the head box without the need for any screws. This enables installers to have their hands free to effortlessly complete the installation of the product.