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    BREATHING FREELY INDOORS - Renson ventilation

    Ventilation is an increasingly hot topic during newbuild or renovation projects. And rightly so, once you realise that on average, we spend about 90% of our time indoors in our homes, offices, schools, healthcare facilities and so on. These structures are built with ever better insulation and using ever more airtight methods, so having a ventilation system that ensures polluted indoor air is constantly replaced by fresh outdoor air is an absolute must. That way, excess CO2, dust particles, odours and moisture that can't find a way out by themselves are easily dealt with.

    With a reliable ventilation system by Renson, you can rest assured that your indoor air quality is as it should be at all times. Whether you are working, relaxing or having a quick shower, your ventilation system automatically makes short light work of harmful substances, moisture and CO2. And that makes things more comfortable, more sustainable and more healthy: you, your family and your home all stand to benefit from having good-quality ventilation.


    A mechanical ventilation system strikes the perfect balance between the supply and extraction of air at all times, and that makes it a more attractive prospect than other systems in several ways. The main one of these is that you get to enjoy fresh indoor air at all times.

    Window vents:

    Extract polluted, humid indoor air and draw in fresh outdoor air: those are the fundamentals for a healthy indoor climate. Healthy indoor air helps prevent damp issues around the home — and mould, in the worst case scenario — and that in turn can help you avoid potential symptoms such as a sore throat, blocked nose, coughing and sneezing, or even a tight chest. The fresh air brought in via your window vents helps drive out damp and keeps your property and body healthy.

    Ventilation Louvres:

    Ventilation louvres use outdoor air to ventilate your home. Fresh air enters the home via these louvres, while polluted indoor air is extracted via a fan. That way, a constant flow of air is established, passing from room to room via gaps under the interior doors or ventilation louvres in the walls or doors.

    Extraction Fans:

    Inadequate ventilation not only causes unpleasant odours and a build-up of CO2, among other things — it can also lead to damp issues around your home. If humid air is not extracted — from the bathroom after having a shower, for example — you even run the risk of mould forming. It goes without saying that that's not good news for your health and the structural integrity of your home. Fans help extract humid air quickly and effectively to create a healthy indoor climate.

    Night Cooling:

    Unless you are immune to overheating or love nothing more than bathing in sweat overnight, night cooling is likely to be the right solution for you. In summer, it often gets too hot indoors very quickly. When this happens, night cooling is the perfect solution: liveable temperatures, future-oriented and subtly integrated into your interior and façade.


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