Louvred roofs from the Renson Algarve range provide a consistent stylish look that can visually tie together all the extensions to your home from the terrace covering to the carport. Highly versatile in design and application, Renson Algarve louvred roofs come with fixed and adjustable options to suit the installation.

Enjoy outdoor living all year round

Renson Algarve louvred roofs provide protection all year round from the blazing sun, chilly winds or an unexpected downpour. Freestanding, lean-to or integrated into an existing roof structure, an Algarve terrace covering from Renson is the perfect outdoor living solution, regardless of the season. The tilting louvre blades in the roof allow you to let in just the right amount of sun, or keep the rain out in wet weather conditions; when the louvres are closed, the rainwater will be channelled laterally into the drainpipes integrated into the columns. Customisation options available with the new generation of Algarve terrace coverings allow you to fix screens as well as glass or Loggia sliding panels that offer protection from the wind.

Versatile terrace with fixed or adjustable louvred roof

Renson Algarve louvred roofs now come in the ‘Canvas’ variant – this fixed roof option instantly opens up numerous possibilities for your terrace. With Algarve Canvas, you can cover part of your terrace with a fixed roof (above an outdoor kitchen, for example) while using a louvred roof for the rest, allowing you to enjoy the sun on another part of your terrace.

Carport in the same style

The Algarve Canvas is also the ideal solution for anyone looking to match the look of their carport with their terrace covering. By doing so, you can integrate both extensions perfectly into the uniform look and feel of your home and garden. You also have the option of adding a cover or canopy over your front door, all without a single visible screw.

Algarve Canvas: Fixed upper roof with a fabric ceiling

The double-layered Algarve Canvas fixed roof consists of a robust roof in painted profiled sheet steel on the top and a seamless ceiling underneath with no crossbeams or intermediate beams. This is thanks to the tightly stretched fabric, which is now well-known from the Fixscreen fabric solar shading that Renson has pioneered for several years. Similar to the Algarve louvred roof variant, water drainage is integrated into the structure invisibly.