Online shopping is so common these days that mailboxes are barely able to keep up with the deliveries. Though people shop online for convenience, they are often forced to go to another location to pick up their purchases.

Renson has introduced a new solution that allows mail and parcels to be delivered and collected at home 24/7 – safely and securely. 

Designed to accept both parcels and mail, eSafe replaces the conventional mailbox in design and function.

Receive your parcels worry-free

An eSafe offers the most secure, efficient and worry-free way of receiving parcels. Featuring a sleek, sophisticated design, Renson’s parcel mailboxes have an aluminium construction and are finished in high-quality, rust-free textured coating covered by a 10-year warranty.

Arrange for parcels to be picked up

Want to return your online purchase? Leave the parcel behind in your eSafe and pass the code on to the courier for pick-up.

Exchange keys with your tenant, gardener or cleaning staff, or allow your customers to pick up a parcel after opening hours.

Match the colour to your home facade

Choose a colour that matches your facade, windows, door or gate. eSafe is available in all RAL colours.

Designer mailboxes

In addition to the freestanding parcel mailboxes, Renson also offers the perfect combination between the Linarte facade cladding system and the eSafe mailboxes. The parcel doors are styled with an eye for design and can even be customised to specific requirements. Houses with an entrance gate or connected videophone can be equipped for successful 24/7 home delivery and collection of parcels.

Both systems offer a linear design, choice of any RAL colour, superior lacquer quality, stainless aluminium, and total personalisation for Number, Name, Digital Lock, Doorbell, Video and Intercom.

BIM support by Renson

BIM is now available for Renson Healthbox, Fixscreen MS7, Fixvent, Aero and Linarte.