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    Uridan Waterless Solutions

    Uridan uriLOCK blocking fluid

    uriLOCK is a biodegradable blocking fluid (urinal oil) for use in waterless urinals.

    uriLOCK is a premium grade oil, beneficial for use in any waterless urinal with a built-in waste trap.

    Key benefits of uriLOCK:

    • classed as a white mineral oil
    • a biodegradable solution
    • slightly scented - perfume is also biodegradable
    • lime green in colour - colour is biodegradable
    • longer lasting compared to other urinal oils
    • a bactericidal product (minimising bacteria in the in-built waste trap)
    • helps to reduce build up and calcification in waste trap
    • cost efficient – one 5 litre container services 17 urinals for up to 3 months
    • green solution for waterless urinals

    uriLOCK is a unique odour blocking fluid creating a perfect liquid seal between the bathroom itself and the sewer system below.

    uriLOCK is a low-cost solution saving additional costs in amenities. Using uriLOCK in waterless urinals with an in-built waste trap will negate the need for costly replacement parts, hard-to-dispose-of inserts, sleaves, deodorisers, cubes, and urinal mats.

    One 5 litre bottle of uriLOCK contains enough oil to service 17 urinals, making uriLOCK the most cos- efficient solution for commercial amenities.  

    uriLOCK can be used to replace all other oil barriers. To use simply pour the slightly scented uriLOCK oil into the urinal once the cover is in place and the urinal will be ready for use. The uriLOCK blocking fluid can also be used very effectively in floor grates where evaporation is a problem.

    Uridan consumables deliver sustainable and high-performance solutions for waterless urinals. Both the uriLCEAN cleaning solution and the uriLOCK urinal oil are perfectly suited for sustainable and environmentally responsible commercial developments.


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