With sustainable development being the norm today rather than a popular trend, Uridan Waterless Solutions offers an environmentally-sensitive solution for public amenities through their range of waterless urinals.

Architects and designers are well placed to influence building design by specifying products and materials that contribute to sustainability, and reduce the pressure on precious resources such as water. Amenities frequently account for 25-33 per cent of total water consumption in office towers, shopping centres and other commercial buildings, creating a massive opportunity to achieve significant water savings with Uridan waterless urinals.

Uridan waterless urinals are responsible for impressive and ongoing water savings across the globe with installations at major corporations that have chosen to make a positive environmental change.

The Uridan Collection includes single bowl urinals, privacy screens and the only waterless trough urinal on the market. Uridan urinals are available in a range of models, materials, sizes and colours, making it simple to find a solution tailored to your design.

Check out our new Uridan video for more information on how Uridan is saving precious resources.