Waterless urinals from Uridan Waterless Solutions have always been preferred by architects and designers for their stylish Danish design, tailor-made range and water savings.

Uridan now pushes the boundaries of waterless urinal design with their latest ‘smart’ innovation – the High-Tech Cover designed to set new benchmarks for performance and simplified maintenance. 

Intelligent waterless urinal design

The addition of the new High-Tech Cover to Uridan’s waterless urinals revolutionises functionality and simplifies maintenance regimes, creating best-practice solutions for commercial amenities.

The smart High-Tech Cover lets the facility know when maintenance is required, utilising intelligent technology to monitor the uriLOCK blocking fluid level in the urinal’s built-in waste trap. This ensures servicing is completed simply, efficiently and on time.

High-Tech Cover

The cover is swiped with the magnetic pen provided to monitor the fluid level. By doing so, the LED indicators on the cover are activated, lighting up GREEN if the uriLOCK level is good, and RED if the uriLOCK refill is required.

The High-Tech Cover makes Uridan the only ‘intelligent’ waterless urinal on the market today.

This innovation offers commercial building managers a simple solution to streamline servicing regimes, boost performance and make amenities as smart as the rest of the building.