There is increased awareness worldwide about the need for higher sanitation and cleanliness in our living environments and workspaces following the Covid-19 outbreak. As businesses reopen and people gradually return to work, building managers are constantly seeking contact-free solutions that will not only ensure compliance with strict regulations but also help them create a safer and healthier environment by boosting hygiene in their buildings.

The latest waterless urinals from Uridan Waterless Solutions are not only designed for 100% touch free use but also touch free servicing using smart technology.

Since Uridan urinals do not use water, the user is not required to flush at all. Additionally, Uridan’s new service regime for their waterless urinals ensures that servicing can take place without direct contact using touchless smart technology.

Uridan’s intelligent drain cover uses smart LED indicators to exactly inform when maintenance is required. Simply swipe the cover with the magnetic pen and the LED indicators will light up GREEN if the uriLOCK level is good, and RED if uriLOCK refill is required.

This innovation offers commercial building managers a simple solution to raise cleanliness levels in amenities, streamline servicing regimes and improve hygiene in commercial bathrooms.

Image: Uridan’s intelligent drain delivers a completely touch-free solution in amenities