When you select urinals from Uridan Waterless Solutions for your development, you are making an environmentally responsible choice in an increasingly water-scarce world. Uridan urinals also meet the aesthetic objectives of your bathroom design with a wide collection that offers choice in design, material and colour.

Uridan manufactures their waterless urinals tailored to your project. Explore the complete Uridan collection first to select the model that best suits your project. Uridan offers single bowl urinals and trough urinals in addition to Spinnaker privacy screens to provide additional comfort for users.

Uridan Admiral is probably the most popular model; however, there are many more to choose from with more designs being added to the collection in the coming months.

Once you have selected the required Uridan urinal, the next step is to select the material. While the classic ceramic products are available in white, the fibreglass option offers a lot of design potential with the client provided the flexibility to choose the colour.

Urinals can be specified with a vertical waste or a horizontal waste, depending on the plumbing setup in the development. Uridan also offers choice of traditional stainless steel covers in the urinals or the new ceramic covers.

Uridan is also soon introducing the innovative hi-tech cover that will be available in the Australian market in the coming months. The hi-tech cover is designed to further simplify maintenance by indicating when the urinal requires a top-up of the uriLOCK liquid. 

Uridan’s range of waterless urinals combines the ‘wow’ factor expected by architects and designers for designer bathrooms with an environmentally sustainable solution.