There’s no room for ‘ugly’ when you are designing a commercial bathroom with Uridan Waterless Solutions.

The Danish-designed Uridan waterless urinal collection is similar to an artist’s body of work – each piece distinctly Uridan, yet individual in its own way.

Uridan helps you create designer bathrooms by offering customisation options across the entire range so that the waterless urinal you select is the best fit for your project.

Uridan’s firm foundation of sustainability has driven the development of class-leading technologies to support their waterless urinals. The perfect harmony between Uridan’s product design, function and innovation sets the brand apart from the competition. The intelligent drain cover, for example, is a major point of difference in the market.

Uridan leverages their sustainable credentials to design innovations that deliver genuine benefits for all of society and provide real change. Uridan urinals use zero water. Additionally, all the parts that go into each product are designed to last the lifecycle of the urinal.

All these benefits together with the class-leading designs make Uridan the perfect choice for a bathroom fitout with remarkable design outcomes.