Contact-free servicing is now possible with the unique functionality of the new Uridan Intelligent Drain Cover

The Uridan Intelligent Drain Cover, revolutionises waterless urinal design, combining sustainability with thought leading technology, to deliver the first ever intelligent waterless urinal.

Since 2003 Uridan has been the waterless urinal of choice combining stunning industrial design with sustainable management of water and energy. The addition of the new Uridan Intelligent Drain Cover revolutionises waterless urinal functionality while simplifying maintenance regimes, creating best-practise solutions for commercial amenities.

For a long time, servicing of waterless urinals has presented challenges for some cleaning companies. Knowing exactly when to service a urinal, will deliver cost savings and improve the hygiene in the bathroom area. The Uridan Intelligent Drain Cover takes away any confusion, letting the cleaner or service technician know exactly when a uriLOCK top-up is required. This means the servicing can be completed by anyone, creating seamless operation and increased up-time in amenities.

In summary, this innovation offers a simple solution to streamline servicing regimes, boost performance and make amenities as smart as the rest of your building. 

How it works

The Uridan Intelligent Drain Cover ensures urinals are performing. A magnetic wand is used to monitor the fluid level under the smart cover.  

Simply swipe the cover with the magnetic wand and the LED indicator will light up GREEN if the uriLOCK level is GOOD, and RED if a uriLOCK refill is required.

It is that simple!

No Touch Technology

In these times of heightened awareness around the transmission of infection, Uridan offers a simple ‘No Touch’ solution with a focus on health.

The Uridan Intelligent Drain Cover offers the benefit of touchless technology for both users and servicing technicians.

Not only do Uridan urinals eliminate direct contact with potential contaminated surfaces, they also offer a fully sustainable solution with no costly, or hard-to-dispose of contaminated plastic parts to be removed from site after servicing.

Ultimately this no touch technology makes servicing simpler, faster, cheaper and more environment friendly.

Why choose Uridan

Designing buildings to meet sustainability and operating performance goals, is paramount for all architects today. Water along with energy efficiency is a major consideration in the design and function of the building. Since 2003, Uridan has met these challenges with it broad range of innovative waterless urinals. Tens of thousands of Uridan urinals are used daily, saving megalitres of potable water and the associated embodied energy. The Uridan collection delivers a beautifully designed male bathroom with 5-star environmental credentials. 

Uridan waterless urinals are frequently specified for office towers, shopping centres, airports, schools & universities, pubs, clubs and sporting facilities.

In summary Uridan delivers:

  • Performance
  • Hygiene
  • Resource savings
  • Improved environmental ratings
  • Great Design

Margrethe Ingemann, General Manager of Uridan Australia says: ’Uridan offers a complete range of waterless urinals. We pride ourselves on delivering sustainable design solutions, with products that create simplicity, boost performance in amenities, and improve wellbeing for everyone.  Continued innovation translates to leading edge waterless urinal technology to meet the challenges of today. Uridan ticks all the boxes for great design, sustainability, performance and hygiene. The is no other urinal on the market today that will tell you when it needs to be serviced. This new technology is a game changer for the waterless urinal market, delivering the first every intelligent waterless urinal.’