To drive the message of sustainability across their campus, a leading Australian university is going beyond research and instruction to demonstrate what’s possible. As part of their commitment, the university has clear built environment objectives with all new developments required to remain within the ambit of the overall master plan.

Several water saving initiatives introduced by the university have allowed the campus to become increasingly water efficient despite a steady increase in student numbers. Driven by their sustainability and resource savings goals, the university began installing Uridan waterless urinals from 2012 to deliver significant ongoing water savings.

Today, there are over 110 Uridan waterless urinals across multiple campuses saving a total of 6,600 kilo-litres of water each year. Having installed these waterless urinals over 8 years ago, the overall water savings of the university amount to 52.8 mega-litres.

To better visualise the water savings attributable to the Uridan waterless urinals, this quantity is sufficient to fill more than 20 Olympic sized pools.  

However, the benefit to the university goes beyond simple water savings. With no flush mechanism in the urinals, there is a significant reduction in waste water generation as well as corresponding savings in energy consumption because water is not required to be pumped around the campus to flush the urinals.

SUMS Group would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the university on their water saving initiatives and sustainability achievements.