If you are on the lookout for a designer urinal for your commercial or residential bathroom project, start with a bespoke unit from Uridan Waterless Solutions.

Here’s a 4-step guide to selecting and installing a bespoke Uridan waterless urinal for your designer bathroom:

Step 1: Select your model from the Uridan Collection

The Uridan Collection consists of single bowl urinals, waterless trough urinals, and the elegant Uridan Spinnaker privacy screens. The Uridan Admiral is a very popular choice but you can consider several other options for your bathroom, with more designs being added to the collection in the coming months. Choose the urinal model that best suits your bathroom design.

Step 2: Select your material and colour

Once you have selected the urinal, you have to choose the material and colour. Uridan’s classic ceramic urinals are available in White colour while the fibreglass option opens up an array of design opportunities since the urinals can be made in your choice of RAL colour. Uridan has delivered urinals in White, Black, Grey, Green and Gold colours.

Step 3: Select your plumbing connection

You can choose to have a vertical waste or a horizontal waste pipe, depending on the plumbing setup.

Step 4: Select the cover to best suit your design

Uridan offers the traditional stainless steel cover for urinals or the newly introduced ceramic cover that adds a designer touch to your installation.

Uridan will also be introducing the new Hi-Tech cover to the Australian market in the coming months. An innovation from Uridan, the Hi-Tech cover will further simplify maintenance as it will indicate exactly when the urinal requires a top-up of the uriLOCK liquid.

With so many options in design, colour and material, the Uridan Collection of waterless urinals delivers bespoke solutions with a water-saving sustainable design.