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    Invisi-Maxx: High performance window and door screens

    To protect a home or business from extreme weather events or unwanted intruders, Invisi-Maxx high performance window and door screens are the only product which can provide complete peace of mind.

    Specifically designed to withstand the force of windborne items under cyclone conditions and resist knife and impact attack, Invisi-Maxx screens have been developed and tested to both meet and exceed Australian Standards.

    The high performance screens are constructed from strands of high tensile marine grade stainless steel, woven into an exceptionally strong mesh and attached to a heavy duty frame using a unique patented extreme grip protection system. The result is a multi-purpose product which not only provides protection during extreme weather situations, but also provides the ultimate in property security, all without compromising light, air or views.

    Cyclonic Impact Protection

    Australia’s northern coastlines are exposed to the annual threat of tropical cyclones, which bring strong winds, torrential rain and storm surges with a potentially devastating impact on thousands of people, homes and businesses. In cyclonic conditions winds can easily reach over 100 km per hour, turning everyday objects into dangerous windborne debris.

    Invisi-Maxx window and door screening products are designed to resist such projectiles, protecting both people and property from harm in these potentially deadly situations. Invisi-Maxx is available in 0.8mm mesh (appropriate for most residential applications) and 1.2mm mesh option when a further level of protection is required such as for commercial applications or extreme cyclone locations.

    Invisi-Maxx screens utilise a unique combination of superior materials, mesh construction and mesh retention methods to create a screen which dissipates the energy from projectiles and prevents debris from entering buildings.

    Ultra Security Protection

    Maxx screens are the ideal year-round screening product as they can withstand the rigors of exposure to the coastal environment. This resistance has been proven in the Australian Standards testing environment, where the mesh easily passed the Neutral Salt Spray Test. While a mesh must last 240 hours with no signs of corrosion to pass the test, Invisi-Maxx mesh was documented to undergo more than 2000 hours with no corrosion evident.

    For those seeking the maximum in security protection, the same qualities which make Invisi-Maxx cyclone compliant make it the ideal screening system to protect homes and business from unwanted intruders. With its heavy duty framing, tamper-proof mesh retention system and expertly woven mesh, Invisi-Maxx screens have been tested to exceed the impact resistance requirements of Australian Standards for window and door security.

    Under the Knife-Shear Test, which measures mesh strength, a knife blade is drawn along a panel three times, with a new blade for each draw. Invisi-Maxx passes the Knife-shear test in both horizontal and vertical directions, easily outperforming many competing products. Under the Dynamic Impact Test, designed to simulate a kick to a security screen door, Invisi-Maxx again easily passes, due to the strength of the mesh retention system which ensures mesh resists being pulled from the frame.

    These test results demonstrate that Invisi-Maxx has proven itself as an extremely robust security screening system which provides the ultimate defence against unwanted intruders. As well as the ultra-security protection and peace of mind that comes with installing Invisi-Maxx window and door screening products, a 15 year warranty provides additional confidence in the enduring quality of this home and business protection product.


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