A new home in Terrigal, NSW features an Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screen enclosure, creating a space that can be enjoyed by the family throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

Situated on the Central Coast of NSW, the property provided the perfect opportunity to maximise the experience of the location, thanks to its proximity to the ocean. The coastal location also played an important role during the design of the home, especially when creating the ideal outdoor living space.

Designing a building located so close to the coast presents homeowners with the option to embrace the best of the climate while shielding themselves from insects and other pests, and also by choosing materials that can withstand the corrosive impacts of a marine environment.

The brief for Ausiport, specialists in Invisi-Gard screened enclosures, was to create a space, which retained an outdoor vibe and where the residents could dine and relax in a protected and secure area.

Working with the client to design the ultimate indoor-outdoor living space, Ausiport constructed an Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screen enclosure around the living area, which was functional, practical, and a visually attractive addition to the home’s overall appearance. The floor-to-ceiling Invisi-Gard screens allow high visibility, maximise light, views and airflow, and provide secure protection.

Featuring 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, Invisi-Gard security screens are highly corrosion resistant, making them ideal for the coastal location as well as any weather condition or climate. The mesh can be easily cleaned with a soft brush using mild detergent and rinsing with mains water at the recommended frequency. The simple maintenance program helps keep the screens in great condition with the impressive 15-year warranty providing added assurance.

Invisi-Gard’s corrosion resistance has been proven under stringent Australia Standards testing, which includes the Neutral Salt Spray Test that requires the mesh to show no signs of corrosion after 240 hours of exposure to salt spray. Proving the quality factor, Invisi-Gard’s mesh surpassed over 2000 hours of testing with no signs of corrosion, compared with competitor products that failed as early as 500 hours.

Beyond the proven corrosion resistance, Invisi-Gard security screens deliver additional benefits when used for outdoor enclosures. These screens can enable maximum visual clarity, allow natural breezes to cool the covered space, and protect the home against intruders thanks to the mesh’s resistance to impact and knife shear. To add to the security credentials of the enclosure solution, the Invisi-Gard hinged access door, which connects the enclosed outdoor room to the garden, utilises a three-point locking system, ensuring the home is securely protected at all times.