Alspec Air-Flo glass louvres were paired with Invisi-Gard security screening to strike the perfect balance between function and aesthetic at a new house in Darwin, NT.

Located in Bayview, just a few kilometres from the Darwin city centre, the home not only needed to be kept cool in Northern Territory’s warm tropical climate but also protected from insects and intruders. The designers of this award-winning home found an efficient way to achieve both objectives – without compromising on good looks or views – by pairing Alspec Air-Flo glass louvres with Invisi-Gard security screens.

Executed by McT Design & Construction, the home, which combines raw natural and modern finishes, took out four awards at the 2019 Master Builders Northern Territory annual event.

Situated on a steep site overlooking a waterway, the home was perfectly positioned to make the most of sea breezes and height to encourage natural cross-ventilation. Passive cooling is the most cost-efficient way of cooling a home, and also extremely environment-friendly with reduced use of powered systems. Passive cooling is achieved by encouraging air movement throughout the home, using a combination of the right style of windows and correct positioning to take advantage of prevailing breezes.

Air-Flo louvre systems by Alspec maximise airflow, making 95 per cent of the window opening available for air movements, without impacting on light or views. The entry of insects and other pests can also be blocked by adding Invisi-Gard security screens to the louvre system, without affecting the passive cooling process. Being impact resistant, the screens also allow the louvre windows to be kept open at any time of night or day, ensuring the security of the house.

Given the steep sloping site, the use of Invisi-Gard screens with their fall prevention properties makes them an important safety feature for the second storey of the building. With a young family residing in the home, these screens provide lasting peace of mind.

Key features of Invisi-Gard security screens include marine grade 316 stainless steel mesh construction; mesh secured within aluminium frames using a patented locking system; unique mesh weaving process producing an extremely flat, clear surface with the highest possible clarity; extremely corrosion resistant and low maintenance, ideal for the marine environment; and a 15-year warranty.

Photography: Anne Oliver - Maison Creative