Invisi-Gard security screens were installed at the student accommodation facility in St Catherine’s College, Perth to create an attractive and safe environment for students living on campus.

The window security screens installed at the student housing facility meet both design and functional objectives, proving to be a winning combination. Wilson Architects, which designed the facility, have delivered an attractive, safe and welcoming living environment for the Indigenous students of St Catherine’s College at the University of Western Australia.

The new on-campus Indigenous Housing Accommodation has been integrated into expanded existing college facilities to provide collaborative learning spaces and promote active learning while maintaining a strong visual connection to the environment. The living campus provides a safe, culturally supportive environment for those who travel to Perth to study. In addition to the new 53-bed accommodation building with communal living facilities, the project also included the expansion of an existing building to incorporate an Indigenous Learning Centre and Art Gallery.

Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screens were installed to enclose the balcony areas of the accommodation building. Battens were used to attach the screens to the side of the building, creating an attractive design feature. The security screens not only keep out insects and pests, but also ensure fall prevention. Thanks to the high-clarity screening, the students get the benefits of natural light and views, allowing them to feel connected to the broader campus landscape.

There are several advantages to installing Invisi-Gard security screens. Made from extremely corrosion resistant 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, woven into a strong, flat surface, the screens not only allow maximum light and ventilation, but also provide the assurance of safety and security.

The screens meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards to guard against impact as well as cutting with sharp objects, and are Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rated. The low maintenance screens come with a 15-year warranty.