Invisi-Gard security screens were paired with an Alspec Federation cast panel door to ensure protection while preserving the heritage character of the home.

Making modifications to heritage style homes can be complicated since new additions such as window and door security screening can impact the overall appearance of the building. One way to add security while protecting the home’s heritage character is to install an Alspec Federation cast panel door teamed with Invisi-Gard stainless steel security mesh screening.

Security screening at the entrance allows for enhanced air flow while keeping the home secure. An aluminium cast panel door in a patterned style is an appropriate addition to a heritage style entrance. While the mesh screen reveals the beauty of the wooden door behind, the pattern of the cast panel door adds the type of detailing that is characteristic of the Federation period, with both elements contributing to the overall heritage look.

Alspec’s Federation cast panel doors are custom built to the requirements of each individual heritage home. Each frame is constructed to the measured specifications, and then colour-matched and powdercoated to the existing wood or paintwork.

Alspec Federation cast panel door with Invisi-Gard security screen

Standard flyscreen mesh screens are effective against pests and pesky insects; however, these screen doors will not keep human intruders out. In the summer months, one is tempted to leave doors and windows open to help cool down the interiors, making the home vulnerable to burglary attempts. Cast panel doors with Invisi-Gard mesh allow you to keep doors open for ventilation and peace of mind.

There’s another advantage to installing Alspec Federation cast panel doors with Invisi-Gard security mesh screens. Studies reveal that visible home security measures can be a significant deterrent to potential burglars. The spacing between the bars of a cast panel door combined with Invisi-Gard mesh for added protection ensures the door can withstand attacks from force or cutting.

A three-point lock is a standard feature of Invisi-Gard hinged security doors. These locks provide premium protection by securing the door in the centre position, as well as latching at the top and bottom of the door, all activated by one turn of the lock.

Federation cast panel doors are made from recyclable aluminium and finished with a powdercoat, ensuring high resistance to corrosion. The Invisi-Gard screening, which is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, is also extremely resistant to corrosion.

When installing window or door security screening to heritage style homes, one needs to be respectful of the underlying character. Choosing an Alspec Federation cast panel door incorporating Invisi-Gard stainless steel security mesh will not only preserve and elevate the heritage appeal but also ensure protection from all types of unwanted intruders.