Invisi-Gard security screens were selected for a new family home in Ascot, Queensland to ensure both safety and comfort for the occupants.

When designing a new home, one needs to balance an elegant exterior aesthetic with function and security. The home not only needs to look good but also include features that will ensure the occupants feel comfortable and secure.

The Ascot home demonstrates how Invisi-Gard security screens work perfectly to provide a safe environment, without compromising on the visual appeal.

While the entire ground level of this home is protected by Invisi-Gard window and door security screens, it doesn’t appear so from the street because the aluminium frames of the screens have been powdercoated to match the window and door frames, ensuring they blend seamlessly into the stylish look of the property.

The security doors on the front façade have been appropriately matched to the entrance doors – a hinged security door protects the main entrance while two sliding screen doors secure the adjacent sliding door openings.

Invisi-Gard security screens are constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, ensuring high visibility while also being certified to meet and exceed testing standards for impacts and attacks. For this home, a mid-rail was added to the screens to provide some visibility, while maintaining the overall clear outlook towards the streetscape.

All openable windows on the ground level feature both fixed Invisi-Gard screens and Invisi-Scape screens. A security screening product from Alspec, Invisi-Scape can be opened outwards to enable a quick escape for the occupants in the event of an emergency; it also allows for ease of cleaning. Externally, the Invisi-Scape screens feature a flat faced sash and narrow width, easily blending with the home’s contemporary appearance.

Invisi-Gard security screens are increasingly being installed by homeowners to address their home security concerns and ensure a well-protected residence that doesn’t compromise on looks.

Invisi-Gard products installed at the Ascot house include hinged security doors, sliding security doors, fixed window security screens, and Invisi-Scape screens.