Invisi-Gard security screens were considered a major selling feature at a recently sold home in Cornubia, Queensland, thanks to the stainless steel mesh that allowed unobstructed views to the beautiful surrounds while also assuring protection to the residents.  

Home buyers in the market for a well-protected home often look for Invisi-Gard window and door security screening products in the list of inclusions. When homes are advertised with sweeping district and mountain views to attract buyers, it’s important to ensure those views are not obstructed by obvious window and door security screening products.

The Cornubia home – located 30 minutes southeast of Brisbane – quickly found a buyer thanks to the standout views delivered by the high-clarity Invisi-Gard stainless steel security mesh that was installed to protect the openable doors and windows. Invisi-Gard screens are not only reputed for maximising views, light and air flow, but also for providing a highly secure home environment.

The home’s marketing campaign noted the use of Invisi-Gard security screens throughout the property as a desirable selling feature. Installed for most of the home’s sliding doors and window openings, these screens add immense value without detracting from the enviable views towards Mt Tambourine.

Perched on a hillside, this two-level family home features wraparound balconies, all accessed through large sliding doors protected with Invisi-Gard screens. There are several advantages to installing Invisi-Gard security screens on doors and windows. The mesh in Invisi-Gard screens is woven from high-tensile strands of stainless steel using a unique method, which produces an incredibly strong, flat surface. Corrosion resistance is excellent thanks to the use of 316 marine grade stainless steel, helping minimise maintenance while maximising peace of mind with a 15-year warranty.

All Invisi-Gard screens have been tested to meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards, and are proven to resist both knife and impact, ensuring the occupants are protected against intruders. Invisi-Gard mesh has also achieved the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of BAL40, making the screens ideal for homes in bushfire-prone regions as they can prevent burning debris from reaching inside and causing further damage.

The new owners of the Cornubia home will be able to enjoy crystal-clear views from every room, thanks to the incredible clarity of Invisi-Gard security screens.