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    Soundblock Solutions

    Stratocell Whisper: Sound absorbing polyethelene foam: NRC =1.0

    Stratocell Whisper is a unique closed cell polyethylene foam providing excellent acoustic properties. It is easy to fabricate, quick to install and retains its structure in humid environments. It is the only sound absorber on the market with an NRC sound rating of 1.0.

    Its superior noise reduction qualities stand up to the most rigorous applications such as road and rail traffic and industrial machinery.

    Whisperâ is the right acoustic solution if you have external conditions to deal with such as water, moisture, humidity, dirt, dust, UV light, chlorine and harsh chemicals. These sound absorbing panels are used to control problems with noise and so0und in both indoor and outdoor environments.

    It is fibre free, washable and light weight and has a Group 1 fire rating.

    Features and benefits:

    Sound Absorption  - uses a networked homeycomb like structure to absorb sound, providing unique properties over conventional fibre, polyester and open cell foams.

    Moisture resistant – the acoustic properties are maintained if exposed to moisture, therefore no need for a protective water barrier.

    Strong Structure – with its self-supporting structure, Stratocell Whisper foam is easy to cut and easy to install on site.

    Light Weight – Has a weight of less than 1.5kg /square metre at 50mm.

    Fibre Free- Washable – Stratocell Whisper has no fibrous materials. It does not cause irritation and does not crumble.

    UV Resistant – Testing showed that after UV exposure, the material exhibited similar acoustic behaviour to unexposed material.

    Fire Retardant – Stratocell Whisper foam panels achieved a Group 1 compliance fire rating, as outlined in the Australian building code.

    Transmission Loss – Stratocell Whisper has incredibly high airflow resistivity giving it performance closer to the mass law of acoustics than conventional friable absorption material.

    What solutions does this product range provide to the industry?

    Stratocell Whisperâ sound absorbing panels are the perfect solution to reduce problems with noise in all types of indoor and outdoor environments. It also provides a safer work environment.

    Typical applications:

    • Construction
    • Machinery
    • Buildings
    • Industrial
    • Rail
    • Transportation


    How is Stratocell Whisper used in interior spaces?

    Hanging baffles are the most economic method of applying acoustic absorption to an interior space. Whisperâ absorbs sound on both sides, therefore baffles enable minimum product for maximum absorption.


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