Soundblock Solutions  manufactures timber acoustic doors with various timber veneer finishes or MDF, complete with door jamb for maximum noise reduction and acoustic performance.

All timber acoustic doors are supplied with a full set of acoustic seals and hinges. Door furniture is additional and can be customised to suit specific individual needs. The level of acoustic performance required of the wall/room overall will determine which acoustic door will best suit the situation.

Soundblock Solutions offer five acoustic doors:

The Hushzone - Hushzone 34 (Rw34), Hushzone 37 (Rw37)
The Hushzone timber acoustic door is a performance timber door suitable for internal use where superior performance to a solid core door is required. These acoustic doors are available in both single and double doors.

The Musiczone -
Musiczone 40 (RW40)
These all timber doors are especially developed as a higher performance door to the Hushzone and feature superior components including hinges, locks and seals for matched soundproofing performance.

The Studiozone -
Studiozone 45 (RW45) and Studiozone 48 (RW48)
The Studiozone timber acoustic doors are high performance doors that have been designed to meet the demands of studio type applications. The seals, hinges and hardware are specially selected to meet the performance requirements of this acoustic door.