A common complaint in homes and apartment blocks is about the noise coming from pipes during cavitation or drainage. To put it simply, PVC and other pipes have a tendency to send noise into ceilings or wall cavities.

The Building Code of Australia now sets the standard for noise emissions from pipes in buildings. NuWrap 5 Acoustic Lagging for Pipes forms the core of a quick and inexpensive system designed to meet these rigorous standards and is an excellent solution to this noise problem.

Specifications of NuWrap 5 - Accoustic Lagging:

  • Sound rating - STC/Rw 63 single wrap over PVC pipe Rw+Ctr 59 with 1 x 10mm plasterboard
  • Precut Flat Pack parts are available for all PVC pipes and fittings
  • It meets BCA requirements for habitable rooms. (includes Qld/NT variation). Test reports are available on request.
  • Rolls measure 3 m x 1350mm

NuWrap 5 Acoustic Pipe Lagging is available from Soundblock Solutions.