Available from Soundblock Solutions , Plano Bevel acoustic tiles are melamine foam tiles that are highly effective in reducing sound distortion by absorbing reverberant noise within a room.

For restaurants in particular it is important that patrons are able to hear the conversation of the people at their table, rather than all the sounds bouncing around the room. With Plano Bevel acoustic tiles, noise reverberation no longer need be a concern as they reduce this intrusive noise simply and at an affordable price.

Plano Bevel acoustic tiles are group one fire rated so they can be used safely in all public places. They are light weight and simple to install using paintable or multi purpose silicone and come in two sizes, 625x625 and 1250x625, both at 50mm thick.

Available in white and light grey, Plano Bevel acoustic tiles are suitable for application in highly reverberant areas such as restaurants, boardrooms, home theatres, halls and auditoriums, and aquatic centres.