Soundblock Solutions  has created revolution by providing Barrrierboard which proves to be an extraordinary soundproofing product.Its made up of an Australian made plasterboard composite known to reduce noise by 75%,thus making it effective for industrial,commercial and domestic purposes.Its unique feature is its compactness and easy installation. It consists of two sheets each of different thickness separated by an insulating material.Barrierboard occcupies a little additional space in order to be fixed onto the walls.It is found to be really effective even for ceilings.

Barrierboard stays rigid once fixed which is one of the most important advantage to be considered lest no chance for sagging or bowing.It comes in two different sizes that is 2700x1200 and 2400x1200 and it works at a faster pace in comparision to the conventional soundproofing systems.This accounts for its maximum performance.

Barrierboard is found to be very useful in noise reduction for apartments,general housing with respect to domestic sites.It is also found to be effective in minimising sound in commercial and industrail situation also.In offices it could be used as office partitions,inter office walls while it could be used as a barrier between factory and workplace in industrial areas therby helping to reduce the noise from the work area.