Soundblock Solutions are the exclusive NSW distributors for Barrierboard sound proof systems that can reduce noise levels by up to 75%. The sound proof walls are particularly effective against blocking out loud music and loud musical instruments.

The Barrierboards are made from patented plasterboard composite that is rigid and ensures that no sagging or bowing occurs when it is fixed in place. The sound proof walls features two sheets of differing thickness that is separated by an insulating layer of acoustic polyester.

The sound proof walls can also be used as inter-office walls. They are easy to install, can be used on ceilings and can also be used in conjunction with standard wall systems.

The Barrierboards sound proof systems are ideal for residential locations such as apartments, dual occupancies, townhouses and general housing, as well as commercial applications including conference rooms and general office partitions.

The Barrierboards sound proof walls, from Soundblock Solutions, can also be used in industry sites as divide walls to help reduce noise levels in the workplace.