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    MakMax Australia

    MakMax Custom Fabric Structures offer limitless possibilities

    MakMax Custom Fabric Structures using tensile membranes offer limitless possibilities for a range of architectural projects. From eye-catching stadium roofing to bespoke shade structures MakMax’s architectural fabric structures can help to define the urban landscape.

    MakMax Australia has extensive experience delivering a wide range of quality, custom designed tensile membrane structures by combining cutting-edge modern architectural fabrics such as PTFE, ETFE and PVC, with our proprietary TensoShade membrane fixing system that has been engineered for premium quality, ease of installation and tensioning, and maximum durability.

    Limitless Possibilities for Architectural Projects

    Tensile membranes are modern, high-tech, premium grade architectural fabrics, which are made from woven polymer fabrics coated or laminated with a synthetic material layer to form a membrane. The membrane fabrics are then tensioned using a steel frame or cables.

    Tensile membranes can be incorporated into architectural designs in a number of ways, from free-standing canopies, architectural facades, internal ceilings or soffits or a full building envelope. Lightweight and flexible, they can be shaped into unique geometric forms and are equally impressive in daylight or under artistic lighting.

    MakMax Australia understand the high level of quality and detail required for these expressive prominent structures and can work with you to fully develop a one-of-a-kind project solution. Having our own in-house designers and engineers, as well as a fabrication facility in Australia, MakMax is expertly placed to help architects and designers create bespoke, unique or large-scale architectural fabric structures.

    MakMax Australia has worked with architects and developers to create;

    Contact MakMax Australia today for more information on our Custom Fabric Structures.

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    Contact MakMax Australia

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