Sporting activities in school are integral to shaping the future of students in Australia. Providing a comprehensive education that includes physical activity is essential for their overall development and wellbeing. While many schools in Australia have outdoor sports courts, a covered sports court can offer numerous benefits that unprotected courts cannot match.

Here are five reasons why schools in Australia should consider installing a covered sports court.

Covered Sports Court

1. Year-round access to sports: A covered sports court provides students with the opportunity to participate in physical activity regardless of weather conditions. The roof cover protects against rain and hail in wet seasons and provides shade during summer months, enabling year-round access to the court. This allows students to participate in sports and physical activities all year long, instead of being limited to the warmer months.

2. Optimal playing conditions: With a covered sports court, students will experience optimal playing conditions. The roof protects against wind, rain, and other elements that can affect play, and helps regulate temperature. This creates an environment that promotes optimal performance for athletes. The roof also provides shade from the sun, reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses, and protection from harmful UV rays.

3. Enhanced performance: A covered sports court provides an environment that is ideal for sports performance. The roof reduces wind resistance and prevents the sun from shining in the players’ eyes. These factors, combined with the regulated temperature and optimal playing conditions, create an environment that enhances performance for athletes. Without rain delays, your players will also spend more practice time on court.

4. Protect your court surface: Outdoor sports court surfaces can be slippery when first installed, and prolonged exposure to the elements can eventually cause cracking and shifting, ultimately posing a safety risk to students. An appropriate roof over your sports court protects the playing surface and can help minimise and even eliminate these weathering issues, providing a level and slip-resistant surface for students to play on.

5. Connect with the community: A covered sports court can serve as a hub for community activities, such as sports tournaments and other events. By providing facilities that can be used outside-of-school-hours, your campus can help to create a sense of community and promote school spirit. Your courts could be hired out for adult physical education classes, community sports programs and recreational activities, making it a valuable resource for students and the wider community.

MakMax TensoSport Covered Sports Court

The MakMax Tensport canopy combines the benefit of a modern high-tech tensile membrane skin with a lightweight, large-span steel structure to create an attractive and long-lasting covered sports court. MakMax Australia has been engineering and installing architectural membrane structures for sports, schools and community projects for 40 years in Australia.

Installing a MakMax TensoSport covered sports court in your school will provide numerous benefits that an unprotected court cannot match. From year-round access to sports to improved safety and performance, a covered sports court is a valuable investment for any school. By providing students with an environment that is ideal for physical activity and sports, a covered sports court can promote overall health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

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