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    Automatic Doors Pty Ltd

    High Speed Ditec Rapid Roll Doors from Automatic Doors

    Reliable Ditec industrial flexible Speed Doors are safe, functional and efficient for a versatile range of applications and available through Automatic Doors.

    Creating an easy and optimsed flow for people, goods, equipment and products, Ditec’s premium range of Roll Fast Doors deliver continuous rapid movement to also conserve heat.

    Innovative, compact and versatile Ditec Alimax food quality high Speed Automatic Doors

    • Superior design for and easy to clean high quality finish and shine that is water, dust build up and pressure washing resilient
    • Extremely compact with motor integrated into the roll up shaft for a space conservative design that does not compromise on power
    • Flexible, shockproof and designed with IP67 safety photocell vertical frames for increased security
    • Exceptional durability with composite material construction, wear resistant bearing s and guards as well as powerful 1,000,000 cycle motor
    • Simple and easy installation for time saving proprieties

    Ideal for aesthetic cleaning with integrated motor Ditec Sector Plus Rapid Rise Doors

    • Featured modular counterweight system for safer and reliable operation
    • Innovative INVERTERmotion system delivers differentiated speed settings for greater efficiency
    • Attractive and safe flexible curtains available in a number of options to suit your requirements
    • Power conserving built-in motor ensures motor is concealed while not reducing the passage width

    Fast accessibility in complete safety with Ditec Smart Plus High Speed Roll Up Doors

    • Extremely small in size for easy installation while retaining fast action operation
    • Modern design with option of colours to suit your application
    • Exterior mounted motor with speed option for easy maintenance and repair
    • Includes SOFT START and SOFT STOP functions for minimised stress and wear on mechanical parts

    Compatible for medium to large entrances Ditec Traffic C and CM Fast Roll Doors

    • High performance in a diverse range of conditions
    • Comprehensive motor speed options to suit with INVERTERmotion system
    • Attractively designed and safe flexible curtains

    Clean and rational lines with Ditec Energy Doors

    • Practical design that is completely reliable for medium to large entrances
    • Exterior mounted adjustable motor to suit all applications
    • Flexible curtain is attractive and completely safe

    Designed for demanding use Ditec Sector Reset Rapid Roller Doors

    • Hard wearing and compact free-standing design
    • High level safety with balancing system, the Safety Linear Encoder, SLE, Patent Pending, system and sequential barriers
    • Flexible self-repairing curtains that are resilient to air and up to 120km/h wind pressure for a tighter seal

    Compact and reliable Ditec Smart Reset Rapid Opening Doors

    • Unique self repairing capability for maximum functionality
    • Integrated with a compact supporting structure with motor mounted outside for quick accessibility for maintenance
    • Exceptional safety with options of INVERTERmotion system, intelligent SLE device and emergency manual opening
    • Tight sealing curtain available in a variety of options including standard or large window section in transparent PVC, in non tear polyester in blue, red, grey, insulated in blue and grey or white

    Superior quality in design Ditec Rapid Roller Doors from Automatic Doors are available in a comprehensive range of options to suit your specific individual requirements.

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