Traffic C Solid rapid opening door available from Automatic Doors , is practical and ideal for medium and large openings.

Industrial, commercial or productive buildings usually require rapid doors able to combine the practicality of the system with absolute operating reliability.

The fold-up Traffic C doors are highly versatile and robust and possess all the necessary requirements to guarantee intense and continuous functioning over prolonged periods of time.

The ideal built-in structure with weatherproof coating houses the motorised system, control and safety devices and balancing systems in the vertical jambs and upper cross bar.

The Traffic C doors represent a suitable solution for all types of openings, including large ones, and can also be used in diverse and harsh operating conditions in the presence of wind or for rooms in deep hollows.

Traffic C doors feature the following characteristics:

  • A robust and compact metal structure made from electroplated galvanised steel which can be painted in a wide range of RAL standardised colours, or from AISI 304 stainless steel with a fine sanitized finish
  • The transom box positioned on suitable vertical posts, which facilitates the installation of the door and contains and protects all the transmission elements
  • A reliable modular counterweight balancing system, with sturdy traction belts, which enables the motor to operate at minimum load; in addition the counterweights also guarantee the safety retention of the curtain
  • A safety bar made from a metal section bar, with a rubber end-of-stroke section upon which it is possible to install an electro-pneumatic system with a pressure switch or a device with a self-controlling photocell which causes the immediate reversal of the motor in the case of obstacle detection. The bar is housed in a practical polyester pocket for easy inspection
  • Optional lateral brushes for improved weather resistance.