Automatic Doors Pty Ltd underlines the importance of high speed automatic doors in reducing energy consumption and cost while ensuring high safety and security in commercial workplaces.

The burning of fossil fuels for the production of electricity has a serious impact on the environment through the production of emissions. Therefore, anything that can help cut down the excessive and unnecessary use of electricity is to be welcomed.

Energy loss occurs through various ways; for instance, the longer a door is left open, the more heated or conditioned air is lost - if the air is chilled the energy loss is even greater. Even inside buildings, if one part of a building is heated and another isn’t, the resultant drafts can be injurious to workers’ health, morale and industrial relations.

Additionally, where different processes exist in the same building and a door is left open, transfer of inappropriate matter such as dust, chemicals or noxious odours occurs to the detriment of product, production and personnel.

Sophisticated detection and activation electronic devices now allow for close control of vehicular traffic, minimising air displacement and resulting in savings in both cost and energy consumption.

Also known as fast roll doors, fast rise doors, rapid roll doors, speed doors and fold up doors, high speed doors from Automatic Doors Pty Ltd address safety and security issues. Ditec flexible high speed doors are infinitely more secure than a door left open, where anyone can wander in to pilfer or put themselves in harm’s way.

Safety and security are especially important where there is a mix of public and commercial traffic as in retail warehouses. Ditec high speed doors can provide a very effective and efficient barrier between public and non-public areas.

High speed doors offer several advantages including safety, cleanliness, efficiency, hygiene, reliability, health, energy and time savings, and dust and dirt prevention as well as keeping out insects, heat or cold, improving productivity, increasing workflow and enhancing the environment.