Smart automatic door available from Automatic Doors , has been designed with the aim of developing a door that is highly rational and modular, to ensure easier installation and trouble free operation on component parts.

A sturdy and compact supporting structure, original Ditec motorisation and components, ideal design and full testing along with curtain modularity; these are the features that make Smart, a reliable door, with a well refined appearance.

Above all, Smart automatic door is easy and quick to fit and practical to service and inspect.

Distinctive features of Smart automatic door:

  • Self supporting metal structure
  • Axial gear motor for heavy-duty use
  • Electronic panel IP 55 with auto test function
  • Manual emergency opening device complete with movement rod
  • Safety rib made of extruded anodised aluminium with ACS Anti- crash System in various versions
  • Flexible curtain in self extinguishing material
  • Additional charge for oven baked epoxy coating with smooth finish

Compact structure

Smart automatic door features a compact supporting structure and reduced overall dimensions is highly reliable and refined in terms of appearance and comes in galvanised metal plate or stainless steel.