Automatic Doors  is the exclusive agent of Aprin for its high-speed doors range. High-speed doors from Automatic Doors are widely used in hospitals, shops, retail warehouses, airports, and hotels. The use of high-speed doors is highly preferred as there is minimal loss of energy.
Automatic Doors’ products are sold through two divisions, the DITEC- Aprin division, and the DITEC-P.A. division. The DITEC- Aprin division specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of interchangeable sector doors, automatic rapid roll-up doors, fold-up doors, flexible strip curtain, and flexible swing doors, etc.

A major highlight of Automatic Doors is that it follows an innovative distribution method, wherein the doors are supplied in the form of 'assembly kits', which can be easily installed and is also seen as a very cost-effective method. Some of the products that are sold through this division include Sector, Traffic, Stratos, Kronos, and Flash.

Automatic Doors’ P.A. division specializes in automatic pedestrian door systems. Automatic doors are widely used in commercial, industrial, and residential complexes. Bis, Dok, Jolly, Transit, and Sprint are the products that are offered through this division.