Automatic Doors ’ P.A. division offers as the Dok, Sprint, Transit, Jolly door ranges. The Dok range of automatic doors comes with a multipurpose modular system that is suitable for all kinds of fastenings. The Dok M system is supposed to be the ideal solution for those applications where controlled and docile fastening movement is highly required. Dok M can be easily fitted with a series of safety and control accessories, such as sensors, detection devices, photocells, floor mats, and push buttons.

The Dok E system is regarded to be the ideal solution for those applications where handling of the movement and sophisticated forms of control are not necessary or required such as mobile walls, shutters, safety grilles, screens, and full-length windows. It is a reliable and very sturdy automatic system that provides safe and constant movements even in outdoor environments.

The Sprint range offers innovative features such as lightweight construction and compact design, standard and durable built-in battery, and easily accessible on and off switch.

Automatic Doors’ Jolly series are completely reversible and allow the door, window, shutter to be effortlessly and easily opened manually.