There are many reasons why drinking water is good for you:
  • maintains blood-sugar levels
  • keeps the body hydrated
  • maintains blood volume and transports nutrients to the body
  • boosts brainpower
  • alleviates headaches
  • helps fight fatigue and leads to increased energy levels
  • flush out wastes, bacteria and toxins that can cause disease
The National Health and Medical Research Council has summed it up in a nutshell: Safe drinking water is essential to sustain life.

Waterflow Control  are distributors of a comprehensive range of commercial water filtration systems that help filter the good from the bad.

Thanks to these hygienic water filtration systems, you can now have access to perfectly drinkable water from your tap. The Multipur range ensure particle deposits - such as piping, sand, metal fillings or rust particles - are removed from water from the waterworks.

There is a multitude of benefits from having one of these hygienic water filtration systems installed.

Multipur AP/RFA Automatic Backwash filter with suction ring rinsing technology
  • high rinse speed without interrupting the filtration process
  • low backwash water consumption for an economical filter cleaning
  • brass housing with stainless steel filter element
Multipur M/RFM Manual
  • backwash filter for manual filtration of drinking and industrial water
  • red brass housing
  • filter and backwashing elements
Hot Water Filter DN 50-80
  • filter comes complete with filter cartridges, pressure gauges, automatic bleeding and draining valve
  • red brass filter casing
  • filter cover made of plastic coated stainless steel 
  • stainless steel clamp
  • replacement filter cartridges available
Waterflow Control also carry a range of domestic or household water filtration systems.

By installing the right water filtration system, you can save money and save on your water bills.