Bewamat Duo is a water softener from Waterflow Control .

  • Compact model, 75.5 cm height (under table installation)
  • Short-time regeneration to ensure continuous soft water supply
  • Low rinsing water consumption
  • Optimised salt consumption, 0.2 kg per regeneration
  • All commercially available types of regeneration media can be used (tablets, block and crusted salt in accordance with DIN 19604)
  • Compact model with micro processor control, water meter controlled with time priority. 2 containers each with 3.8 litre of ion exchange resin installed in the brine container.

    A micro-processor and two multi way valves control all processes fully automatically to ensure a soft water supply around the clock. The new brine control ensures exact brine dosage.

    A front panel with short operation instructions including drain hoses, Aquatest test kit and connection set DN 32/32.
  • Nominal pressure PN 10, operating pressure 2-8 bar (29 116 psi)
  • Mains connection 220 V / 50 Hz, voltage 12 V, enclosure type IP 54, water/ambient temperature 30/40°C (86/104°F)
  • Height 755 mm, width 550 mm, depth 370 mm