Medo Classic / Classic DIS dosing pumps are magnet-driven diaphragm pumps.

The Medo Classic models need to be deaerated manually. Medo Classic DIS models have a metering head and are deaerated automatically.

This is controlled internally at a variable frequency according to the amount metered (pulses per minute, per hour or per day) or externally (contact water meter, regulator with electrical power output).

A fill-level on/off type probe (contact normally closed) is connected to empty container indicator.

This is shown by the alarm/fault LED light (16). The pump is fitted with a CIC relay switch which responds both to the container’s empty indicator and to faults in the electronic system. Error messages may be transmitted remotely.

Pumps are controlled via parallel switching, an overflow monitor, a timer switch or manually via a remote on/off switch. All parts are assembled by customer.

Medo Classic / Classic DIS dosing pumps are available from Waterflow Control .